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Radiologist in Dubai

Your MOSH radiologist is a doctor with a specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of injury and diseases utilising medical imaging technology such as X-ray, MRI(magnetic resonance imaging), CT(computed tomography), PET (positron emission tomography), ultrasound, and fusion imaging. Since some of these techniques for imaging involve the use of radiation, thorough study and training in radiation safety and patient protection is vital. 

Your MOSH radiologist has graduated from a school of medicine that is accredited and has served in a residency program that is at least four years in duration subsequent to graduating from medical school that encompassed topics such as:

    •    Effects of radiation on the human body
    •    Radiation protection and safety
    •    Interpretation and performance of medical and radiologic imaging examinations

Many of our radiologists have also completed a fellowship in a radiology sub-specialty such as nuclear medicine, cardiovascular radiology, breast imaging, and others.

Your MOSH Radiologist Dubai Plays A Vital Role In Your Health By:

    ▪    Assisting your referring doctor in selecting the appropriate type of radiologic tests or examinations and interpreting the results of these tests so that they may be used in your medical care.
    ▪    Treating diseases by using radiation, such as radiation oncology or using interventional radiology as part of image-guided, minimally invasive surgery.
    ▪    Correlating the findings associated with medical imaging with other tests and examinations.
    ◦    Collaborating with the referring physician and recommending addition treatments or examinations when required.
    ◦    Directing radiologic technicians in the correct performance of high quality examinations.

Your MOSH Radiologist Dubai Has The Right Experience, Knowledge And Training

When a referring doctor informs you that they have examined the results of your radiologic tests, what they normally are saying is that they have reviewed the radiologists report or discussed the results with your radiologist.
MOSH Radiologists are on the leading edge of imaging technology and advancing the development and use of PET, MRI, CT and fusion imaging. They are also at the forefront in the use of procedures that are minimally invasive, such as endovascular treatment of tumors and aneurysms, pinpoint radiation treatments, and percutaneous biopsies.

Safety And Quality In Medical Imaging At MOSH

Radiologic procedures at MOSH such as PET, MRI, and CT are prescribed by one of our doctors and are only executed by highly trained and certified doctors under circumstances where they are medically necessary.

All of our radiologists are highly trained medical doctors who have received a minimum of four years of specific, unique post medical school training in the optimum performance of radiologic techniques and procedures and the interpretation of medical imaging results.

MOSH Radiologists Dubai are a vital part of the treatment team and they are crucial for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders.