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Physiotherapist in Dubai

MOSH physiotherapists in Dubai assist individuals who have been adversely affected by disability, injury, or illness, through exercise, movement, manual therapy, advice, and education. 

The Dubai Physio Clinic helps individuals of all ages maintain health, manage pain, and prevent disease. Physiotherapists assist patients in facilitating their recovery from MOSH orthopaedic surgeries such as joint replacement, spinal surgery, hand surgery, limb lengthening, and more. Our highly trained physiotherapists will work in conjunction with your orthopaedic surgery to ensure a successful rehabilitation phase of your recovery. Our physiotherapists also assist the elderly so that they can maintain their independence.

What is Physiotherapy in Dubai?

Physiotherapy is a profession that is science-based that takes a holistic approach to well being and health, which is inclusive of the lifestyle of the patient. The core of physiotherapy lies in the patient becoming involved in their own rehabilitation, through awareness, empowerment, education and active participation in their own recovery.

Physiotherapy is a manual therapy that is 'hands-on' and it is a proven approach in treating problems with muscles, nerves, joints, and ligaments. It utilises a physical approach to promote, restore, and maintain the physical, social, and psychological well-being of the patient.

Physiotherapy can be beneficial to a patient at any stage of life. Our physiotherapists can assist with recovery from an orthopaedic surgery, back pain, joint injuries, management of chronic medical conditions, preparation for an athletic event, or even preparation for childbirth.

Why use Physiotherapy at MOSH?

MOSH physiotherapists are highly skilled, degreed healthcare professional. Our physios make use of their skills and expertise to improve a wide range of conditions that are related to varying body systems such as:

    •    Neurological Disorders including cerebrovascular accidents, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and many others
    •    Musculoskeletal Disorders such as post orthopaedic surgery recovery, back pain, sports injuries, arthritis, and whiplash
    •    Cardiovascular disorders including rehabilitation from heart attacks, cardiac surgery, and chronic heart disease
    •    Respiratory Conditions such as COPD, asthma, and cystic fibrosis

At the MOSH Physiotherapy clinic we have an individualised approach to our patients in order to assist them in reaching their specific goals. Whether you are an athlete attempting to return to sports competition or an elderly person attempting to maintain your fitness and remain free of pain, the professionals at the MOSH Physio Clinic can help you achieve your goals.

At MOSH we employ highly trained, experienced professionals that are fully qualified to assist you in your rehabilitation from orthopaedic surgery. We work closely with your orthopaedic surgeon to ensure that your rehabilitation is complete.

Physiotherapy services at MOSH

Physiotherapists at MOSH specialise in assessing and treating physical dysfunction that arises from a patient's neuromuscular system. Conditions that we treat in our Physio Clinic each day include:

    •    Sports injuries
    •    Joint replacement rehab
    •    Back Pain
    •    Spinal surgery rehabilitation
    •    Arthritic conditions
    •    Ankle and foot pain
    •    Hip pain
    •    Shoulder pain
    •    Shoulder surgery rehabilitation
    •    Knee pain
    •    Knee replacement rehabilitation
    •    Ankle and foot pain
    •    Elbow pain
    •    Hand and wrist pain
    •    Nerve pain
    •    Rehabilitation from all types of orthopaedic and spinal surgery

At MOSH we use a range of treatment methods and exercise therapies that are tailored to the needs of the individual such as:

    •    Joint manipulation and mobilisation
    •    Muscle energy methods
    •    Acupuncture
    •    Massage and mobilisation of soft tissues
    •    Functional and core stability exercises for rehabilitation
    •    Functional and sports fascial taping

MOSH physiotherapists utilise a combination of manual therapy and progressive exercise therapy. Our treatment modalities will include joint manipulation and mobilisation, specific neural and soft tissue mobilisation, and exercise therapy. In some cases acupuncture may be utilised as an adjunct to other treatments, normally for the relief of pain.