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Hand Surgery in Dubai

The human hand serves a large number of purposes. Our hands assist us to dress, eat, create art, earn a living, and numerous other functions. To engage in these activities, the hands require movement and sensation such as tendon gliding, joint motion, and contraction of muscles. When problems arise in the hands, all of the differing tissue types that comprise the hand, and make its functions possible, must be examined.


The hand is a specialised part of the body that is comprised of joints, bone, tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. All of these elements must be healthy for the hand to function properly. There is a refined and delicate relationship between these elements. A disease or injury that affects any of these structures can impair the hand.


A qualified orthopaedic hand surgeon at MOSH is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of all problems that are related to the various structures of the forearm, wrist, and hand. MOSH hand surgeons have undergone specialised training in treating hand problems in addition to their very extensive training in orthopaedic or plastic surgery.


What do MOSH Hand Surgeons do?


Hand surgery is the medical field that addresses issues of the forearm, wrist and hand. Hand surgeons address these issues with and without surgical intervention. MOSH hand surgeons are trained specifically to perform surgery on the hands when it is required. Many of our hand surgeons are also experts in the diagnosis and treatment of elbow and shoulder problems.


Hand surgeons at MOSH are orthopaedic, general, or plastic surgeons who have obtained additional training in hand surgery. Our hand surgeons have undergone very significant and extensive training in surgical procedures of the hand.


There are some hand surgeons that specialise in the treatment of pediatric patients whereas others treat adults only. Since our hand surgeons spend the majority of their time studying, diagnosing, and treating problems of the hand, they are specialists in the field.


The scope of the Hand Surgery field


MOSH hand surgeons perform a variety of different types of surgeries, including releases, fracture repairs, repairs and transfer of tendons, and hand reconstruction resulting from injuries, congenital defects, or rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, they can perform micro-surgical reattachment of digits and limbs that have been amputated and soft tissue and bone reconstruction, reconstruction of nerves and surgery to enhance the function of upper limbs that have become paralysed. 


Why visit a MOSH Hand Surgeon?


When a problem arises with a hand, special care must be administered to the differing types of tissues that make hand function possible.  Quite often hand surgeons will recommend interventions that are non-surgical in order to assist you. At times, they may refer you to a MOSH physiotherapist for additional treatment.


The Hand Surgeons at MOSH are hand care specialists. If you are experiencing pain in your hand, fingers,arm, or wrist of if you have any other difficulties related to your upper extremities, it will benefit you to consult with one of our hand surgeons.


Examples of conditions that are treated by MOSH Hand Surgeons are:  

  • Wrist pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fracture of forearm, wrist, or hand
  • Sport injuries of the wrist or hand
  • Create fingers out of toes or other joints
  • Trigger finger


Additional problems that are treated by MOSH Hand Surgeons include tendon and nerve injuries, congenital defects, and arthritis.


Not every problem treated by a MOSH Hand Surgeon will require surgery. Our hand surgeons frequently recommend interventions that are non-surgical, such as splints, physiotherapy, or medication.


If you are experiencing pain in your wrist, arm, or hands or if you have other upper extremity issues, it will benefit you to consult with a very experienced and technically advanced MOSH Hand Surgeon.