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Joint Replacement in Dubai

 Joint replacement in Dubai at MOSH is the removal of a joint that has been damaged and replacing it with an artificial joint. A joint is simply a place where two, or more than two, bones are joined, like the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, fingers, and ankle. This surgery is performed by highly skilled and experienced MOSH orthopaedic surgeons. At times, your surgeon won't remove the entire joint, but will repair or replace the damaged joint parts.


Your MOSH orthopaedic doctor may recommend a joint replacement procedure in order to improve your quality of life. Joint replacement may result in pain relief and an improved range of motion. Consequently, joint replacement is an effective joint pain treatment. Knees and hips are the most frequently replaced joints. Additional joints that may be replaced include the elbows, fingers, shoulders and ankles.


What may happen to your joints?


Joints may become damaged due to arthritis, traumatic injuries, or other diseases. Many years of use or rheumatoid or osteoarthritis can cause the joint to wear out. This may result in swelling, stiffness, and pain. Bones are living tissue that need an adequate supply of blood and nutrients in order to stay healthy and repair themselves. Injuries and diseases within a joint can reduce blood flow, resulting in joint problems.


What is it like to have an artificial joint?


An artificial joint, which is a prosthesis, may be constructed of metal, plastic, ceramic materials, or all three. In some cases it is cemented into place, in other cases it is not, so your bone can grow around it. Both techniques may be used in combination in order for the new joint to stay in place.


Your MOSH orthopaedic surgeon will utilize a joint that is cemented in place more frequently in older individuals who have reduced mobility and weaker bones. This cement will be used to adhere the prosthetic device to the existing bone. A joint that is not cemented in place is frequently utilised on younger patients who are very active and have excellent bone quality. Uncemented joints will generally take an increased length of time to heal, since it will take longer for your bones to grow enough to attach to the prosthetic device.


Artificial joints will normally last between ten and fifteen years. Consequently, it is possible that younger patients may need a damaged joint to be replaced a second time. 


Is Joint Replacement at MOSH a common procedure?


The orthopaedic surgeons at MOSH have performed thousands of successful joint replacement procedures. Research has confirmed that even if you are advancing in age, joint replacement is an effective joint pain treatment and it can improve your mobility.


Every type of surgery has some risks associated with it. The risks of joint replacement surgery will be dependent upon your health prior to the surgery, the severity of your joint damage, and the kind of surgery being performed. The orthopaedic surgeons at MOSH have been replacing joints for decades, and their experience has resulted in excellent patient outcomes.  To obtain answers to their inquiries, many patients consult with their orthopaedic surgeon and someone who has already undergone this type of surgery. Your MOSH orthopaedic surgeon will guide you prior to, during, and subsequent to your procedure to ensure that you heal rapidly and successfully recover.


Do you need to have a joint replaced?


Only your MOSH orthopaedic surgeon can inform you if joint replacement is necessary. He will examine your joint using radiologic techniques such as X-ray, CT, or MRI. Your doctor may also utilise an arthroscope to visualize your joint and determine the amount of damage that it has incurred. A tissue sample may be tested as well.


After examining your joint, your orthopaedist doctor may prescribe physiotherapy, medication, vitamin supplements, or walking aids and/or braces. Arthritis medications will include drugs to reduce pain and inflammation. Dependent upon your specific condition, your doctor might prescribe NSAIDs or corticosteroids.


However, all of these medications may have adverse side effects, which can include bone loss. If these conservative treatments are not effective your doctor may recommend surgery. Joint replacement surgery Dubai at MOSH is frequently the best solution if you experience chronic pain and have poor range of motion. For instance, if you experience difficult with activities of daily living such as bathing, climbing stairs, or walking, surgery may be a viable choice.