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Knee Replacement Surgery in Dubai

Knee replacement surgery which is also called knee arthroplasty can be helpful in restoring function and relieving pain in knee joints that are severely diseased.  In a knee replacement surgery, your MOSH Orthopaedic Surgeon will remove damaged cartilage and bone from your femur, tibia, and patella and replace it with a joint made of synthetic materials such as metal alloys, polymers, and high-grade plastics.


The original artificial knees were not much better than a crude hinge. Today, you and your orthopaedic doctor can select from a wide range of designs that are specific for a person’s weight, age, level of activity, and general health.  Artificial knees are designed to simulate the natural ability of your knee to glide and roll when it bends.


Reasons MOSH Orthopaedic Doctors perform Knee Replacement Surgery


The reason knee replacement surgery Dubai is most commonly performed is due to damage that results from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.  Individuals who require a knee replacement normally have difficulty getting into and arising from a seated position, walking, and climbing stairs. Their knee may also be severely or moderately painful at rest.


Preparing for Knee Replacement Surgery at MOSH


A MOSH Orthopaedic Surgeon will perform your total knee replacement surgery. Prior to the procedure, the surgeon will get a complete medical history and perform a thorough physical examination in order to accurately assess the strength, stability, and range of motion of your knee. X-rays are often used to help your surgeon more accurately assess the extent of your knee damage.


Anesthesia is required for knee replacement surgery in order to ensure the comfort of the patient. Your personal preference and input will help the MOSH anesthesiologist decide which type of  anesthesia to use which will either be general anesthesia, which will make the patient completely unconscious or epidural anesthesia during which the patient is awake  but does not experience any sensation from the waist down.


Your anesthesiologist and orthopedic doctor are likely to advise you to stop taking selected dietary supplements and medications prior to your surgery.  In addition, you will likely be given instructions to abstain from eating after midnight on the day of your surgery.


What you can anticipate during Knee Replacement Surgery at MOSH


In the knee replacement surgical procedure your knee will be maintained in a bent position to expose all the joint surfaces.  An incision of approximately 15 cm to 25 cm will be made by your surgeon and he will move aside your patella and remove the damaged surfaces of the joint.


After preparation of the joint surfaces the orthopaedic surgeon will attach the artificial joint pieces. Prior to closing the surgical incision, he will rotate and bend the knee, balancing and testing it to be sure that it works properly. The surgery will take approximately two hours to complete.


What to expect after your Knee Replacement Surgery at MOSH


Right after your surgery, you will be placed in a recovery room for one or two hours. You will then be transported to your hospital room, where normally you will stay for two days prior to going home. You are likely to experience some pain, which will be controlled by medications your doctor will prescribe.


During your stay in the hospital, you will be advised to move your ankle and foot in order to increase blood flow and alleviate swelling and prevent blood clots. It is also likely that you will have to wear compression boots or support hose and take blood thinners in order to prevent blood clots.


The next day after your surgery a physiotherapist will demonstrate how you should exercise your replacement knee. Your program of physical activity will include:


  • A walking program that is graduated
  • Initially walk indoors then outdoors
  • Gradually resuming household activities which may include stairs
  • Exercises to strengthen your knee as recommended by the MOSH physiotherapists which will be done several times daily